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Enrique Zobel- Founding Member

1927 - 2004

Enrique Zobel, co-founder of the Waimanalo Polo Club and owner of nearby Circle Z Ranch, developed the Sotogrande Polo Club on a magnificent 200,000-acre parcel on the coast of Spain. Built by Ayala International, Zobel’s corporate, Sotogrande is the largest real estate development on the coast.

In July 1989, Enrique brought a team from the Sotogrande Polo Club in Spain to compete for the prestigious Alger Cup at the Waimanalo Polo Club, now the Honolulu Polo Club.

Zobel, whose family had been in the Philippines for seven generations, also developed the Alabang Polo Club in Manila – an 800-acre real estate development with two polo fields.

Zobel started playing polo in Manila a year before WW II started, at the old Manila Polo Club. His interest in the sport came from his father, an officer who started the Philippine cavalry. At the time, the entire cavalry played polo, and there were 36 teams in Manila.

During the war, Zobel was a colonel in the Air Force where he flew Mustangs and was head of the National Guard in the Philippines. He took up polo again in the early 1950s when he was invited to play at Honolulu Stadium in Kapiolani Park by Fred Dailey and Arthur Perkins. At the time, Zobel was rated 6 goals.

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