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Tommy Campos

1924 - 2008

There is a unanimous agreement among all of Hawaii’s polo players, including many internationally renowned 10-goal players that Tommy Campos is still one of the most talented men of polo that Hawaii has had the privilege of calling a kama`aiana son.

Tommy was born in the saddle thus riding was as natural as walking. Raised in sleepy little Kailua his early years wee spent working on the family’s Campos Dairy, one of Oahu’s largest dairy ranches in the early 20th century. As with all the young handsome paniolo, his skill as an accomplished horse trainer as well as a fearless polo competitor made him a much sought after player and friend. One of Tommy’s very special friends was Enrique Zobel, one of Tommy's very special friends, helped to make the Honolulu Polo Club a reality as a result of their friendship.

For Tommy, polo began in Kapiolani Park in the days when a Sunday afternoon in Waikiki included watching riders from Amy Rich’s Town and Country Stables riding on the old race track under the royal and old date palm trees that used to line its course. As Tommy describes it, “the polo in those days were good times and a strong begining.”

Here’s to you Uncle Tommy. We also honor your favorite polo ponies, Abhulhah Azam, Lai Oni, and Kawika.

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